Career Counseling and Planning

Career counselling provides better understand and clarity about the career. It saves a lot of time, money, and frustration because of career indecisiveness.

What is Career Planning and Counselling?

In the world today and particularly in Nigeria majority of the students are confused about career part with little or know knowledge about career planning. Also, the working class and the professionals are either tired, stressed and fed-up with their job or career progression. Therefore, in today's world, professional Career Counselors are not only needed, their services are now more relevant and necessary . Counselling is a comprehensive, systematic approach which is designed by a qualified Counselor to assist students and professionals to take an informed educational and occupational decisions. It is a completely unbiased process based on the student’s personality, career interest, motivation and aptitude matchmaking one’s own potential to the world of careers and then selecting the right courses.

Career planning and Counselling put you on a right path to Success

At the onset of your career, our services will help you to set yourself in the right direction. With our professional guidance, psychometric tests, and multiple human-to-human interactions, you will be ready to make quick movements leading to sure success.
Our Career Planning Programme helps you to choose the right steam, the right course, from the right university and all, all depending on your need:


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