Paradigm Shift in Career Path

Paradigm Shift...

These days students should have global perspective of modern career path otherwise known as new age career path. Their view and perception of courses at higher education level should go beyond the confine of Nigeria and Nigeria labor market. In the present day of global mobility of labour, it will be a great disservice to the parents and the students to limit their career plan, development and execution to Nigeria alone. Aside the effect of globalization, things has changed as a result of world social order including technological, social and economic changes. The olden days celebrated courses and career path are going into extinction gradually, interestingly, the traditional no-go-areas of never-do-well career paths such as sport, movie and firm making, music, hospitality and tourism are making wave and gaining acceptance. It therefore behooves students to assess their innate factors, harness and align such with their career path. Not only that, the era of parents forcefully chosen the University course and career path for their children is fading away. Parents are advised to be liberal and allow their children to decide their course of study at University and go on to choose their career path. Our services therefore, are to provide more information, enlightenment, orientation and insights of global outlook of careers for the students so that they can pursue their university education with a clear sense of purpose and determination.


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