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Our comprehensive 5-dimention career assessment is considered as industry benchmark.

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Zenith Education has just launched the high rated career counselling platform in Nigeria in strategic partner with Auctus Infometric Pvt. Ltd  India.  Our comprehensive 5-dimention career assessment is considered as the industry benchmark. This is very new in Nigeria  particularly in education support services industry.  Our focus is to provide professional, effective, value for money and unbiased career counselling and guidance services to secondary students, university undergraduates/graduates, parents and all level of professionals. Our services are also extended to schools, non-profits, organizations, governments and other agencies in education and labour sector. These services are applicable to students, working class/professionals based on their specific needs, ranging from technology enabled information access only, to human-led professional career counselling.

Online Career Counselling Assessment

Zenith Education online career counselling is based on statistical methodology as provided by our trusted and tested strategic partner. 

Career Counselling and Personality Test

Our assessment and personality test help working professionals to find out best next move or shift in their career with a detailed execution plan for the next 10 years.

Psychometric Assessment Test

Psychometric career assessment test is a diagnosis tool used to identify, explore the strengths of the candidate and find out the most suitable career path.

Counseling programmes for schools

Zenith Education work with schools to provide unique programmes that can enhance their profile and values.

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At Zenith Education, We are dedicated to improving education and learning through rigorous research, continuous development of various programmes that will enhance knowledge and knowledge-economy of Nigeria through strategic partnership with local and international organisations.

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