Career Planning and Guidance Programmes for Schools

Zenith Education work with schools to provide unique programmes that can enhance their profiles and values. We provide specialized services that need multiple resources ranging from training counselor, to an updated data based and psychometric test and others related programmes. We work with forward-thinking schools to enhance their career guidance capacities; and to make sure that their students benefit immensely from programmes that will make them stay ahead of time.

Career Planning Laboratory for Schools

Zenith Education in conjunction with its strategic partner Edumilestones, India, helps schools to set up Career Guidance Laboratory.  The Career Guidance Lab is a state-of-the-art career counselling technology platform for schools which comprises of the emerging & latest trends in the global education system. This technology platform along with the Expert Counsellors help students to set career goals, find out the most suitable career path, taking them to the zenith of their education and achieve their career milestones. Students can make informed career decisions based on career analysis and information available in a single platform.

The Career Guidance Laboratory is an all- inclusive platform for students. All the career-related information will be available in a single platform. Student can do career assessment to find out the most suitable career path, career library for information and career navigation.  In Nigeria, about 80% of students are confused and ignorant who know next to nothing about career path, most students especially in secondary school have concerned for their subjects selection and combination. Majority of University admission seekers choose their courses in University arbitrarily without consideration for their personality trait and they and they don’t get any career-related guidance from their schools. Career Guidance Lab can bridge this gap by making connections between classroom learning and proper career guidance. Such initiatives will help in the holistic development of student and provide enough execution time for them that would guarantee their full career success.

Career Awareness Workshop (CAW)

Zenith Education awareness workshop for school is a specially designed programme developed by leading counselor for Nigerian secondary students. The career workshops will help student to identify their career goals, set education target and derive the clear pathways to achieve it. The purpose of the workshop is to help students understand career development as a whole which will help them to grow and prosper in their lives. During the Career Awareness Workshop students are allowed to asking probing questions, addressing unfounded belief.  The students will be harmed with information about new-age careers and globally relevant career and academic information. The Career Awareness Programme provides end-to-end career guidance, catering to the needs of everyone involved in the career decision-making process – parents, teachers, counsellors, and the students themselves.

Career Counselling Orientation for Parents

We provide exclusive career development and planning focused for parents. This usually provides opportunity for the school to educate the parents on various initiatives available to enhance student performance and career goal setting. In doing this, we server as a resource organisation to provide parents with career counseling orientation for their children/ wards during PTA meetings

Capacity Building for Counselors/Teachers

We undertake to train your teachers to impact learning and teaching. When your teachers are able to link subject curriculum to careers the entire learning becomes more goal-oriented and meaningful for the students.

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