Studying in Armenia for Nigerian Students

Studying in Armenia is a wise choice for any Nigerian who wants to study medicine, engineering, social science, and other courses available in Armenia Universities.  With state-of-the-art infrastructure, a robust education system, experienced faculty members, and lower tuition fees, Armenia offer much to students who study in Armenia. And, this is the reason why the number of Nigerian students planning to study in Armenia has increased significantly.

If you have passed WAEC or NECO with good grades in subjects relevant to your desired course of study, you are eligible for admission to Armenia. There is no need to write TOEFL, IELTS, or any other English language test to study in Armenia.

Study in Armenia
Study Medical Courses in Armenia for Nigerian Students

Why Study in Armenia?

  • No Entrance exams
  • Good study environment
  • Highly competitive course fee
  • Armenian medical certificates are recongnised by Nigerian Ministry of Education, UNESCO and WHO.
  • Lower cost of Living. Students can choose to stay outside university campus after first year.
  • No IELTS for admission to any course in Armenia
  • Safe country in Europe for the worry-free education
  • Good proximity and study environment
  • Literacy rate is 99%. Easy to communicate in English language
  • Quality Education with good infrastructure
  • Study and work opportunity. Student can work up to 20 hours a week
Study in Armenia
Study Medical Courses in Armenia for Nigerian Students

Life in Armenia

Freedom and Equality

In Armenia people are equal, no matter what their sex or belief is! While Christianity is considered to be a national religion in Armenia, on both legislative and societal levels, people are free to practice other religions throughout the country. Whether you’re a man or a woman, the same ideas of equality apply to anyone. In Armenia you have the right to dress as fits you with no fear for your safety or comfort. The environment in Armenia is so tolerant and accepting that you’ll find yourself wishing to stay a little longer.

Low Crime Level

Armenia is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world for solo travelers as well as for families. Low crime level and the hospitality of the locals allow tourists to enjoy their time there without any fear for their safety.

Angelic Police Officers

In case of an unforeseen accident or a concerning event, you’ll be able to find small groups of policemen patrolling the streets at all times. As you’ll notice from their angelic uniforms, these are not simple policemen -dressed in light blue uniforms with small first-aid kits attached to their belts, the streets of Armenia are guarded by the police force known to the public as Angel Squad. The primary mission of the Angel Squad is to maintain order in public places and at mass events, creating a new image of a policeman in society.

Sincere desire to help each other

Armenians stand out in the world with their sincere desire to help each other, tourists in particular. Tourists and foreigners are rarely targeted and the locals are more driven to make your experience fun and memorable. If you find yourself with no place to stay overnight in the rural areas, you can always ask for help from the locals and they will accept you in their house and even feed you with authentic Armenian dishes. So if you’re looking for peace and safety, Armenia is the place to go!

Work and study

International students are allowed to work in Armenia. Your student visa allows you to work during your studies, so working 4-hours a day or 20 hours a week can help you earn enough money to cover your expenses. You can even find gig economy jobs and enjoy both your work and studies.

General Information about studying in Armenia

  • General Admission Requirements: For all courses, the applicant must have five credits all relevant subjects. Particularly prospective medical and engineering students must have credit in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and English Language

  • Admission Intake for Degree Programs

    Admission processing for Armenia University should begin any time from May through Jun/July. Visa processing take at least a period of one month and students should have some interval between visa and departure. Resumption and classes in Armenia start in September.

  • Age Requirements

    1. Bachelor Degree: Age not below 17 years and not more than 25 years at the date of the admission.
    2. Master Degree: Any age above 25 years
  • Language of Instruction in Armenia

    The medium of MBBS course in the country is English. However, they are also taught the local language so that they face no problems when serving local patients during the internship.

  • Visa processing

    Visa is processing in Cairo Egypt. Once admission is confirmed, University sends student information to Armenia Embassy in Egypt for visa issuance.   All visa processing documents and passport will be sent through courier service to Egypt and returned when visa is issued. Visa Fee is $35 (Online payment).

    Note:  Student between the age of 17 – 25 with no gap in their education record has good rate of admission and visa success.

  • Further Enquiry

    All further enquiry should be directed to Student Affairs Officer, Zenith Education on: +2348104913744 or send email to:,   


In year 2019 someone introduced me to Mr Adebayo of Zenith Education for possible admission in India University. I was actually not looking for scholarship but a genuine avenue to get admission into any of Indian University. After my discussion with him, he introduced me to ICCR scholarship to assist my education aspiration in India. The process was long and the requirements were many. At a point l was losing hope coupled with the insinuation that it was a scam , but with the documents and the processes involved l knew it couldn't be fake. One good day, l was called by India High Commission Abuja for interview and l was one of the students selected for year 2019 ICCR scholarship. I am presently in my third year in Anna University, College of Engineering Guindy Tamil Nadu, India. I really appreciate Zenith Education for giving me the opportunity and l appreciate them for their support ever since l arrived India.
Adebiyi Oyinlade Michael.
Anna University, College of Engineering Guindy Tamil Nadu, India.
I was already in one of the Nigerian Universities before l came across the Zenith Education advert for Study in India scholarship programme. Though l had tried the programme in year 2020 without success, hence l knew it was not fake. I decided to pay the registration fee and give it a trial again this time under a professional guidance and direction. I was added to the WhatsApp group and I followed all the processes as stipulated by Zenith Education. I really did not bother when some people were skeptical about the programme calling it all manner of names. Some were still not convinced with all the explanations and evidences provided to support the genuineness of the programme. I was focused, determined and prepared. I wrote the aptitude test. Also the University provided those of us from Zenith Education with past questions and mock exam. This time around l passed and l was offered admission with full (100%) scholarship. I really thank Zenith Education and its teams for their guidance. They are always available to help at all times.
Aigbogun Gideon Dideoluwa
Jain University, India


Applications are open for the Study Medical courses in Armenia.
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